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"Suzanne is unlike any other therapist I have ever worked with.  She not only brings extensive knowledge of eating disorders but also incredible warmth and love to her profession.”

“Suzanne helped me on my path to independence and also with the essential step of wanting to be a happy person. For a long time she was the only positive voice in a life I could see no purpose in living.” 

“Suzanne has taught me practical ways to talk to my husband and creative methods to improve our communication. This is the first time a therapist has actually provided specific advice and strategies that have improved my relationships. She is the 'how to' make your marriage better."

"I'm a guy in his mid-30's who was dealing with a divorce, career re-evaluation, and lingering family issues. Suzanne handled all of them with a level of understanding, compassion, and the occasional swift kick in the 'you know what.' I've never been happier, my life is renewed, and I have her to thank for helping me navigate a complex time in my life. I would recommend her to anyone."

“I struggled with Binge Eating for as long as I can remember. Suzanne and I worked on the issues surrounding the binges. Now I can't remember when I last binged.”

“I have known Suzanne for many years; she was on the forefront during my battles with an eating disorder and depression. Years later, her innate kindness, teachings, and belief in my ability to overcome life's obstacles still resonate in my life. She was and still is a mentor, coach, friend, mother-figure, and source of inspiration.”

“Suzanne helped me work through a time in my life when I was consumed by binge eating. We worked around the issues surrounding the binges, most of which I was not even aware were present.”